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Synopsis for "Kung Fu Killer!"

With Iron Fist apparently accused of killing William Hao, the costumed hero is on the run from the law. When Misty Knight and Colleen Wing try to find Danny, he accidentally attacks them thinking they are police officers, however the whole thing is cleared up and the trio begin working on finding the real attacker, the one responsible for Hao's injuries.

Their searches take them back to Misty and Colleen's office at Nightwing Restorations, where they are attacked by the real Chaka. Knocking out Colleen and Misty, Iron Fist must fight Chaka alone, able to best his foe in combat, Iron Fist defeats him. As Iron Fist defeats him Rafael Scarfe arrives with William Hao alive and well. Apparently Rafael led news of William's "Death" go undisputed while the police were able to get all they information about the Golden Tigers from William to shut down their operation. With Chaka defeated, he is turned over to the police and Iron Fist is exonerated for any wrong doing.


  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Watanabe (uncredited) pages 2-17. No letterer is credited.

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