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Synopsis for "A Fine Day's Dying!"

Iron Fist meets up with Misty at the hospital to check on the status of Colleen's father. There, they run into Jean Grey, Misty's roommate, and her boyfriend Scott Summers; however, Jean is being allowed to leave the hospital. Finding Colleen, they learn that her father is still in a state of mind where he does not even remember who his daughter is.

Later, Misty and Danny go for a walk in the park, but their walk is interrupted by the Wrecking Crew, who are free once again and on a quest to kill Thor.

As Iron Fist and Misty battle the Wrecking Crew, Alan Cavenaugh is taking a ship to America. He is haunted with dreams of his past misdeeds as a member of the IRA, and he awakens from one of these dreams unaware that he is also riding the same boat as the costumed criminal known as Boomerang.

While back in New York, the Wrecking Crew manage to grab Misty and make her their hostage. In order to ensure her safety, the Wrecker demands that Iron Fist use his martial arts skill to break into Avengers Mansion and deactivate the alarms, so that they can get the drop on their old foes. Feeling there is nothing he can do and hoping his ally Iron Man may be there to help, Iron Fist agrees to do so.

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