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Synopsis for "Assault on Avengers' Mansion!"

The only Avenger at the mansion, Captain America keeps close watch over the news coverage regarding the battle between Iron Fist and the Wrecking Crew. Unaware that Iron Fist has just broken into Avenger's Mansion, Cap scans local newspapers regarding Iron Fist and comes across news stories regarding the death of Harold Meachum and the "death" of William Hao. Deciding that Iron Fist is a killer Cap leaves the monitor room not seeing the following paper which retracts the news of Hao's death.

Cap stumbles upon Iron Fist, who is checking on Jarvis, who startled fell down the stairs. Believing that Iron Fist had attacked the Avengers butler, the two get into a battle and fight each other. When Iron Fist realizes that Cap will continue to fight so long as he defends himself, Iron Fist puts himself at risk when the integrity of a hallway causes it to collapse, forcing Cap to save his opponent. Iron Fist then has the chance to explain his presence at Avenger's Mansion. Believing Iron Fists' story, Cap agrees to help.

When the Wrecking Crew arrive to gain access to Avengers Mansion, where Iron Fist welcomes them in and shows them a "defeated" Captain America. The Crew walk right into the two heroes trap, when they are lured into the combat training room which is then set to the training sequence made for Thor. With Iron Fist and Captain America in the room as well, the Wrecking Crew are easily defeated.

After the Wrecking Crew are taken away by the police Misty and Iron Fist depart from Avengers Mansion, parting from Captain America as friends.

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