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  • S.S. Balaclava (tramp freighter)

Synopsis for "Target: Iron Fist!"

Going to meet up with Iron Fist's friend Alan Cavenaugh, Misty tells Iron Fist that she intends to go under cover to try to eliminate a big drug pusher. Their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of Boomerang, who attacks them, and informs them that Cavenaugh is his employers prisoner. Iron Fist is knocked into the harbor where Boomerang leaves him for dead.

While on Long Island, Steel Serpent has come to tell Ward Meachum that he will no longer work for him due to his criminal connections, beating his body guards and leaving Ward alone. Steel Serpent vows that now that his debt to Joy Meachum has been paid he will get his revenge against Danny Rand.

Meanwhile, Misty pulls Iron Fist out of the harbor and the two come to differences over saving Cavenaugh due to his past history as an IRA bomber, Misty leaves in anger telling Iron Fist that she is taking the assignment and she will never see him again. Iron Fist then tracks down Boomerang and his employers (IRA members who want to make Cavenaugh work for them again) Battling Boomerang, the criminal uses a rocketarang against Iron Fist, who turns it against the crook and destroys his boat. Taking Alan to the mainland, safe and sound, he has Alan treated for his exposure to the cold water he had been forced to swim in to get away.


  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Fox pages 2-17.


  • While the next issue is his official first appearance, Sabretooth is depicted, unnamed, on the last panel of the last page. However, he is called "Sabre-Tooth" by name at the end of the letters column in the preview blurb for the next issue.

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