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Quote1.png Why so depressed, sport? In a few hours, you'll have the answers to all your questions. You'll know who's been rippin' off Rand-Meachum. You'll be happy when I kill you. Quote2.png

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Synopsis for "Snowfire"

Stalked through the Canadian wilderness, Iron Fist and Colleen flee their attackers when suddenly Colleen is shot. As they are making their escape, Iron Fist reflects back on the events that caused them to get to this point:

It all started in New York when Iron Fist was attacked by Steel Serpent, who absorbed some of Danny's power as part of his revenge and departed. He was then called by Colleen to come up to Canada and act as Jeryn's bodyguard while also investigating who has been ripping off Rand-Meachum; they would arrive at their location and learn that Jeryn was the prisoner of the mercenary known as Sabretooth, who had his men chase them into the mountains.

Hiding out in a chalet, Iron Fist uses his powers to insure they survive the night. They attack Sabretooth again just before dawn. While Colleen frees the prisoners, Iron Fist takes on Sabretooth alone. Sabretooth makes Iron Fist walk out onto a glacier at dawn, and when the sun reflects off the snow, he is struck with snow blindness. In spite of this, Iron Fist is able to use his martial arts training to defeat Sabretooth, who's brute strength and speed are no match for Danny's fighting skill.


  • Cover art: design by Cockrum, pencils and inks by Milgrom.
  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Kawecki pages 2-17.
  • Historically, Sabretooth next appears in Power Man and Iron Fist #66.

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