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Appearing in "When Slays the Scimitar!"

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Scimitar (First appearance)
  • Walker's Mob
    • Walker
  • Rakim

Other Characters:



Synopsis for "When Slays the Scimitar!"

Heading to the rendezvous point to meet with the informant who knows the location of Colleen Wing, Iron Fist spots somebody being attacked by a group of thugs on the street just as he finished changing into his street clothes. Springing into action, Danny fights off the attackers, saving the life of Alan Cavenaugh, a reformed member of the I.R.A. after a bomb he set killed 12 women and children and was did time and jail. Alan tells Danny that the men who attacked him are Irish terrorists hoping to become his replacement. Alan decides to tag along with Danny as the area is his "turf" little knowing that they are being watched by mercenaries led by Scimitar, who is in the employ of Master Khan.

Entering the building where Danny is to meet the informant, they find him dead and pinned to a wall, realizing they are in a trap the two are attacked by Scimitar and his men. Sneaking away, Danny changes into his Iron Fist guise and battles them on, taking his fight with Scimitar out into the streets and into the subway. However Scimitar escapes when a train gets between them. Returning to the surface, Iron Fist is alerted by Cavenaugh that Scimitar is making his escape. Trying to stop him, Alan is stabbed, however Iron Fist goes in and easily incapacitates Scimitar before brining Alan to a hospital. While in Halwan, Colleen finally succumbs to the power of Angar the Screamer who has turned her into the perfect pawn of Master Khan, whom intends to use her to kill Iron Fist.


  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Rosen pages 2-17.

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