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Synopsis for "Iron Fist Must Die!"

Iron Fist and Colleen Wing separate from their mind meld and fight Angar's brainwashed soldiers. Colleen deals Angar a crippling blow by slicing him across the stomach with her samurai sword. As the dust begins to settle, Khumbala Bey emerges. Iron Fist and Bey fight, but it is a short battle, and Iron Fist easily defeats him.

He eventually tracks Master Khan to his hidden chambers and confronts him. Khan opens up a portal into K'un-Lun and offers Danny a chance to return home. Iron Fist learns that his old tutor Yu-Ti is responsible for the death of his mother. Enraged, Iron Fist destroys the portal creating a massive maelstrom. Master Khan is drawn into the imploding rift and disappears.


  • Colorist Bonnie Wilford is credited as Bonnie W. in this issue.
  • Iron Fist makes reference to Radion whom he fought in Iron Fist #4.
  • Although Angar appears to die in this issue, he actually survives Colleen's attack.
  • The death of Wendell Rand was avenged in Marvel Premiere #18.
  • Iron Fist last fought Khumbala Bey in Marvel Premiere #25.


  • Yu-Ti first appeared in Marvel Premiere #15.
  • Iron Fist and Colleen Wing experience a mind-meld with one another. This psychic feat is more popularly perpetuated by the character of Spock of Star Trek fame.
  • Master Khan practices the same school of magic used by Doctor Strange.

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