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Iron Fist

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Synopsis for "Like Tigers in the Night!"

When the street gang the Golden Tigers tries to rob some people on the subway, they are first engaged by a lone New York City police officer. The Tigers quickly disarm the officer of his service-issue revolver with a throwing star and their leader is about to blow the officer's brains out with the officer's own service revolver when Iron Fist arrives on the scene. Iron Fist stops the impending homicide of the police officer and fights the entire Golden Tigers gang, subduing all of them handily, except for a minor miscue when Iron's Fist's foot slips on a stray bit of newspaper as he is engaging the last of the Golden Tigers and he endures a minor knife wound to his back; Iron Fist quickly rebounds to take out the last Golden Tigers member. However, Iron Fist is distracted by an inbound subway train and attacked by a not-quite-unconscious Golden Tigers member, and the gang members manage to slip away with the crowd as the train disembarks. While police Lt. Rafael Scarfe and Iron Fist work to get all the information they can about the gang, District Attorney Bill Hao decides to do his own independent investigation, as he knows his brother Robert is involved with the gang.

Hao follows female Tiger member Cynthia Wu to the gang's headquarters. There, Bill overhears the Tigers and their leader Chaka (who is Bill's brother Robert) discuss plans to take over the underworld after the removal of Ruffio Costa from the New York crime scene. When Cynthia offers the aid of her female fighters, Chaka dismisses them as weak when he is able to strike her. Bill's eavesdropping is discovered and Bill is captured by the street gang.

While at the home of Danny Rand, Danny himself tries to come to terms with the idea that his parents' death was orchestrated by Master Khan and Yu-Ti. Later, at the Meachum building, Joy Meachum has Davos look into some of her father's shadier holdings.

Finally, Danny, Misty, and Jaryn go to the Meachum building to get Danny's share of the company back (the Meachums not knowing that Danny is Iron Fist). Their business meeting is suddenly interrupted by the arrival of Chaka and the members of the Golden Tigers, who want to claim the role of the crime boss of the city.


  • Artist John Byrne works himself into the comic: he is one of the people at the beginning of the comic who are mugged. Lt. Scarfe tells Iron Fist that Byrne has drawn the Golden Tigers' emblem and is working on drawing the gang members' faces.

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