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Synopsis for "The Dragon Dies at Dawn!"

Staggered and weak, Iron Fist is being attacked by members of the Golden Tigers, fighting off one of his attackers, Iron Fist recollects how he got into this situation:

Earlier that day as Danny Rand was meeting with the Meachum's about acquiring his father's share of the company when their meeting is interrupted by the Golden Tigers and their leader Chaka who is bidding to take control of the New York underworld and feels he has been double crossed by Ward Meachum. Danny would allow himself to be thrown out of a window so he could ship away and change into Iron Fist. Going back and counter attacking, Iron Fist is knocked out by Chaka's electrified triple-iron.

He would wake up in the Tiger's hide out where Chaka would inject him with a poison and give him the chance to get at the antidote which will be waiting in Chinatown before letting him go. What Iron Fist isn't aware of is that Chaka hypnotizes his brother Billy into thinking that he is Chaka and sends him out in his costume.

Fighting who he believes to be Chaka for the cure, Iron Fist manages to fight it off with his iron-fist power. During the fight with the fake Chaka, Iron Fist knocks him into a smoke stack, and from behind the real Chaka strikes a blow to the back of the fake one's head with his triple-arm, presumably killing him. The police arrive and accuse Iron Fist of murder.


  • Letters (story pages): Saladino (uncredited) page 1, Costanza pages 2-17.

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