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Synopsis for "In The Fold Part One"

The thief known as Sidewinder attempts to steal the Scorpio Key from a S.H.I.E.L.D. installation at the behest of woman named Death Sting who has attempted several times before with different agents. Each time, the agent has died. And while Sidewinder makes it farther than any other, he too fails and dies. Death Sting confides in her assistant that there is no one she could hire who could complete the task. However, that doesn't mean there aren't others who could who complete the task but who couldn't be hired.

In New York, Danny Rand is running late for his flight to San Francisco. During the flight, he remembers the events that made him the man he is today...

He was nine years old. His father, Wendell Rand, and business partner, Harold Meachum, were embarking on a dangerous mission to find the mystic city of K'Un Lun. Wendell had brought Danny and Danny's mother, Heather with him. A climbing accident sent Heather and Danny over an edge, relatively unharmed. Wendell was left hanging over a cliff edge. Meachum, instead of helping him up, forced Wendell to his death, obsessed with his love for Heather. Meachum left Danny and Heather to die. Heather was attacked and killed but young Danny was saved by residents of K'Un Lun, which only appears on earth once a generation. Danny was raised in K'Un Lun becoming a superhumanly trained warrior who would eventually return to earth and become the hero known as Iron Fist.

In the San Francisco airport, Danny is called to the courtesy phone, but there is no one on the other end of the line. He is narrowly able to avoid being shot by an unseen machine gun wielding assailant. While hiding behind pillar a stranger asks Danny to come with him. Danny agrees so that he can lure the gunman away from innocents. Outside Malik leads Danny to a car which is being driven by Joy Meachum, the daughter of the man who killed his father. Danny agrees to go, if only to lure the gunman away from the airport. The gunman and an accomplice follow in a car of their own, opening fire. Danny asks to be let out, but Joy refuses to stop. Soon they are being pursued by a helicopter and another car. Danny gives Joy a tip on losing one of the cars and it goes over a cliff. He then changes into his Iron Fist outfit and dives to the second car, taking out the driver. The car pulls over and Danny finishes taking out the passengers.

The helicopter nears the ground and Scimitar, an old enemy of Danny's jumps out. The have a quick hand to hand battle and Danny kicks Scimitar away. Scimitar throws a knife at Danny, almost piercing his heart if it weren't for his lighting reflexes. He then channels his chi into his fist and takes out Scimitar.

Joy and Malik appear as does someone calling himself Sharyd, who claims that soon Danny will procure an item for him. Danny's still convinced Joy's involved. Malik comments that she does have an ulterior motive. Sharyd shows Danny a picture of the Scorpio Key. Sharyd also shows Danny another picture of interest as a form of payment, one of his thought-dead sister.


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