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The Iron Legion was formed by Iron Man's armor suits being controlled by J.A.R.V.I.S. and led by Stark himself.

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The Iron Legion was summoned by Stark under the "House Party" protocol in order to help him battle the Extremis-enhanced soldiers assisting in Aldrich Killian's plot. Some suits were destroyed by Extremis soldiers, others by Killian, and the suits that survived the battle were subsequently destroyed by Stark's "Clean Slate Protocol," as Stark's way to show Pepper Potts that his suits were no longer his obsession nor his main priority.[1]

Following the dissolution of S.H.I.E.L.D., Stark decided to build a second Iron Legion to help ensure world security. Such robots were employed to assist the Avengers in Sokovia as the heroes tried recovering Loki's Sceptre from Hydra. Once the artificial intelligence known as Ultron emerged from Stark's research on the sceptre at Stark Tower, he decided to get a physical body for itself and took over the Iron Legion robots. The robots attacked the Avengers' celebration at the tower while one of the units took the sceptre away to Sokovia. The robots provided the basis for Ultron's subsequent bodies.[2]



Originally Iron Man armor Mark VIII to XLI. Later Iron Legion Robots.


  • A Hulkbuster Armor was originally going to appear in Iron Man 3 as part of the Iron Legion, but it was eliminated to save the suit for a more featured role.[3]
  • The body in which Ultron reveals himself to the Avengers has the identification number "5", referencing how the original Ultron was officially designated Ultron-5.

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