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Iron Legion
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Formerly War Machine
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Group of allies of Iron Man who, led by War Machine, donned old suits of armor to fight Ultimo
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After his return,[1] Ultimo defeated Iron Man in combat (who at the time was using a remotelly-controlled armor). Stark was left in comatose state.[2]

The robot went on a rampage while heading to Futura, and War Machine called together Happy Hogan, Eddie March, Bethany Cabe, Mike O'Brien, and Carl Walker in order to propose to them to use old Iron Man armors in order to defeat Ultimo. With the help of Abe Zimmer, the group donned the armors and departed to fight Ultimo.

When the team caught up with Ultimo, they deployed almost their entire arsenal, and the robot soon fell to the ground. But it recovered, and continued the battle, taking down Carl and Eddie. The four remaining members continued the battle until Mike and Happy collided with each other. War Machine ordered Happy to get Carl and Eddie to a hospital and Mike and Bethany to alert Futura of Ultimo's arrival and suggest the city to start evacuating. Bethany decided to stay with Rhodes and continue slowing Ultimo down.

The arrival of Tony Stark, equipped with a brand-new armor, turned the tide of the battle, as after ordering Bethany to get clear, he faced Ultimo alone and defeated him quickly.[3]


Equipment: Iron Man Armors Model 1, Model 2, Model 4, Model 8, and Model 9.


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