Being mutated by Extremis

Originally one of an army of Symbiote Dragons brought by the symbiote god Knull during his invasion of Earth, this symbiote was targeted by Iron Man when the Armored Avenger was attempting to collect a symbiote to save the life of Eddie Brock, who had been near-fatally injured by Knull after being stripped off the Venom symbiote. Using a dose of the techno-organic virus Extremis, Iron Man attempted to rewrite the symbiote's DNA to sever its connection from Knull's Hive. In the process of subduing the symbiote, the creature infused itself into Iron Man's armor. Iron Man would then attempt to bond Eddie Brock to a portion of the symbiote, but the gambit failed since the symbiote remained connected to Knull, and Brock died.[2]

Eddie's son Dylan Brock was able to sever Iron Man's symbiote's connection to the Hive-Mind, granting him full control over it. When Knull - wounded by Thor Odinson - ordered the symbiote-possessed Celestials to raze Manhattan, Iron Man used his symbiote to hijack control of one of them.[3]


Symbiote Physiology: As a creation of Knull, this symbiote possessed immense powers like other Symbiote Dragons.[2]

  • Constituent-Matter Manipulation Like other Klyntar, this symbiote is capable of manifesting tendrils from its biomass, using them to attack prey.[1]
  • Cleansing Beam: As a result of its mutation with Extremis and its merging to the Iron Man Armor, the suit gained the ability to project repulsor blasts capable of cleansing Knull's corruption off one of his victims.[1]

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