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Quote1.png So, you don't know what the rings are or who the Mandarin is? Good start. Quote2.png
Jim "Rhodey" Rhodes


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Obadiah Stane has taken over Stark International and is converting all of Tony and his dad’s inventions into weapons. But even worse, Tony now believes Stane may be behind the attack that took his father from him. Iron Man intends to get answers, but standing in his way are the EARTH MOVERS – Tony’s once peaceful inventions, which have been corrupted into massive weapons of destruction. And if Iron Man survives fighting against his own creations, he will still have to confront the mysterious armored figure known only as THE MANDARIN. Xin Zhang as the Mandarin has trouble with his stepson, Gene Khan, fighting over who should wield the power of the Makluan Ring, among other things. At Stark International, Obadiah wants the technology of the Iron Man suit, to use as a weapon to make billions of dollars. Iron Man fights the Earth Movers, while Rhodes helps him by talking to him through a headset while in his bedroom. Pepper disrupts Rhodey, but claims that she will find out what they are up to, while Tony manages to defeat the Earth Movers, the Mandarin teleports near Obadiah and takes the ring from him. With one ring, he attempts to kill Iron Man, but fails and teleports back to his lair. Back at the Armory, Tony realizes his father was right, the rings possess energy and must be a form of technology. At the Mandarin's lair, it is revealed that Gene Khan has become the Mandarin, and states that the imprisoned Zhang should've listened to him, and that he is going to find all the rings.


Iron Man/Tony StarkAdrian Petriw
RhodeyDaniel Bacon
Happy HoganAlistair Abell
Pepper PottsAnna Cummer
Obadiah StaneMackenzie Gray
Gene KhanVincent Tong
Iron Man ComputerLisa Ann Beley

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