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Happy Hogan


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  • Gene Khan's Limousine


Gene, Pepper, Happy and Whitney drive for the mall in Gene's limo. They mean to pick up Tony and Rhodey but get interrupted as they see Iron Man clumsily flying by and choose to follow him - but Iron Man crashes. 20 minutes earlier, Tony tries to persuade a nervous Rhodey to take the armour out for a spin. His terribly flying soon sends him crashing into everything in sight, and he crashes and ejects from the armor - but must hide as the friends arrive. Excited, Happy dons the armor (thinking as always that Iron Man is a robot) and flies off. He proves to be a natural at controlling it, and flies exitedly through the city performing aerial stunts. Tony attempts to take over the armor by remote control, causing Happy to crash into the Tong's headquarters - where the Unicorn and Killer Shrike are breaking in!

Gene rushes in to intervene, again compromising his torn interests, but Happy is excited to be fighting super villains and Tong ninjas. Killer Shrike and Unicorn are attempting to blow up the Tong vault for the money, but Tony reasons that the bombs they acquired from Mr Fix will have a quantum effect, making all 10 of them able to level the entire city. He persuades the villains to run off, and Happy rips off a bomb, breaking it in half - luckily stopping it. Tony finally tricks Happy into abandoning the armor, saying that it is battle damaged and will explode. Happy escapes the building, and Iron Man flies off by remote control, seemingly exploding in the sky above them. Frightened, Pepper asks him if the armor was empty, but Happy says it was full of heart; Iron Man is the bravest robot he has ever known!

Back in the garage, Happy excitedly tells about his adventures, exaggerating the details.

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