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Synopsis for "Secrets and Lies"

Gene Khan as the Mandarin starts attacking the Maggia crime syndicate, while Tony comes to his door with information on the Makluan Rings, which leads Gene to enrol in Tony's school. At the Armory, Rhodes practices controlling the Iron Man armor through remote control. Later, Maggia henchmen Killer Shrike and Unicorn kidnap Tony, Gene, and Pepper in a plot to undermine Gene's stepfather and his Tong triad. After a long battle, in which Rhodes flies the Iron Man armor to Tony, to which he gets unbeknown to Gene and Pepper, they escape. Pepper becomes really thankful to Tony, and Tony and Gene become friends, however Killer Shrike and Unicorn can't be found. Tony puts the research on the Makluan Rings on hold. Gene Khan as the Mandarin has Killer Shrike and Unicorn captured and tortured.


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Character Actor
Iron Man/Tony StarkAdrian Petriw
RhodeyDaniel Bacon
Pepper PottsAnna Cummer
Gene KhanVincent Tong
Happy HoganAlistair Abell
Iron Man ComputerLisa Ann Beley
UnicornMichael Daingerfield
Killer ShrikeTy Olsson
Count NefariaRussell Roberts
Tong Henchman
Maggia Henchman

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