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Quote1.png If you see he's struggling, or overwhelmed, or he can't maintain an acceptable grade point average. If he can't, then control of Stark International should be handed over to the company board. Quote2.png
Howard Stark to Roberta in his will.


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Tony is still flunking school and is placed in the lead role of Hamlet (which ironically the main character of which is in the same situation he is). He learns from a holographic will of his father that he wanted him to have a normal life rather than letting the company be a burden on him. However, Arthur Parks a criminal underling for the Maggia along with two other grunts, were stealing Stark International equipment from one of their trucks. He drops one of the crates and smashes it open revealing a strange harness which catches Arthur's interest. Arthur puts on the harness and activates it out of curiosity, which promptly causes an explosion and leaves only a smoking hole where Arthur was standing. The next day, Arthur becomes the Living Laser and uses his new found abilities to rob a bank and strike it big. Iron Man arrives on the scene and offers medical help if he surrenders, but he didn't back down. Iron Man easily catches him off guard and knocks him out, confiscating his harness and leaving him for the police, but not before criticizing Arthur for being so simple-minded that the only thing he thought of to do with his powers was to rob a bank.

While in prison, Arthur's body becomes violently hot, and then it explodes, destroying the cell he was being held in. After discovering he no longer needs the harness in order to utilize his powers, he escapes and takes control of a gigantic television in Times Square and announces that he will turn the entire city into a pile of ash unless Iron Man agrees to a rematch. During the rematch, the Living Laser says that he took Iron Man's advice to heart and now has a bigger goal, being "the man who fried Iron Man". The two of them engage in battle. After an intense fight, Iron Man figures out his weakness, his energy frequency makes him immune to his repulsors. He manages to match the frequency of the Living Laser's energy signature, which allows for Iron Man's attacks to affect him. After an attack from Iron Man's unibeam, the Living Laser explodes into thousands of particles and disperses across the night sky.


Iron Man/Tony StarkAdrian Petriw
PepperAnna Cummer
RhodeyDaniel Bacon
Roberta RhodesCatherine Haggquist
Howard StarkFred Henderson
Living LaserLouis Chirillo
Gene KhanVincent Tong
Mrs. DanielsUnknown
Maggia HenchmanUnknown
Armor ComputerLisa Ann Beley

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