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Mandarin (Gene Khan)


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Tony, Rhodey, Pepper, and Gene search the ancient ruins where his father first found one of the Makluan Rings and discover a carving explaining the history of the rings and that for each one there is a test established by the first Mandarin intended to determine the worthiness of his heir and activate the ring's power. In this case the test being one of wisdom, Gene assumes the key lies in choosing a book over a sword, but this only ends up bringing stone Dreadknight statues to life and splitting the group. Knocking Rhodey unconscious, Gene attempts to defeat the statues as the Mandarin. Separated from each other,Iron Man and the Mandarin enter a heated battle with the terrible Dreadknights. Though both are far stronger than the Dreadknights,their regeneration abilities and them being infinite, hard press them both.When it all seems lost,Tony figures out they need the book.When the book is proved useless, Tony and Pepper realize the sword is the key to passing the test.After saying the Chinese word for End, the Dreadknights deactivate. After escaping the collapsing temple, they discover the sword contains a map to the next ring.

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