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Iron Monger (Obadiah Stane)


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An auto-piloted Crimson Dynamo smashes Iron Man holograms in a training simulation overseen by Stane. They activate the (unseen) Project Monger which quickly tears the Dynamo to pieces. Happy strains to pay attention in math class, Rhona Erwin jokes that Tony enjoys Happy's company as it makes him feel smarter - her brother suggests that maybe Tony's father had an accident because Tony felt threatened by his intellect? Tony freaks out, and is sent to the principal's office. Despite Iron Monger's demonstration, the board of Stark International still wants something more "Starktech" from Stane. He picks up Tony from the principal's office to try to make him work for his project, unsuccessfully trying to impress him. His curiosity with Project Monger gets the better of him, so he tries to sneak in to see all the same - but the upgraded security stops his stealth armor effect and he makes a run for it. He decides to take up Stane's offer all the same, and never misses a chance to humiliate him. The board is happy to see the "prodigal son" returned, and approves Project Monger in order to aid in levelling the old Jersey labs to build new facilities.

From the roof, Tony and Stane watch as Project Monger is finally on the street; a gigantic mech piloted by O'Brian. It takes off for Jersey, and Stane and Tony follow in a helicopter. Watching from the armory, Rhodey wants to see for himself and breaks out the War Machine. Tony reminds Stane that it is overkill to use weapons for construction, Stane does not deny that it is one. A signal jammer prevents them from ordering O'Brian to stop as an unauthorized civilian is in the demolition zone - a series of condemned buildings. Tony leaps onto a roof and enters a building to use Iron Man to rescue the man, but he soon has to dodge the Monger's rockets. War Machine arrives to help. Stane is content that maybe a demolition accident can be fortunate enough to rid him of Stark. Iron Monger uses stomping shockwave attacks to shake the whole neighbourhood. Tony tracks down the old man who refuses to leave, Rhodey tries to communicate with Iron Monger, but as communications are unreliable he tries for the guns instead, O'Brian becomes uncertain and simply takes evasive action. He finally sees the civilians for himself and stands down, returning to base. Stane fires him. At the hospital, the old man proves to be an old Stark employee, professor Zimmer. Realizing the history of the Jersey labs department, Tony fears Stane will run his company to the ground and he confronts him in front of the board. Stane leaves, giving Tony an excellent opportunity to steal his files directly from his office. Rhodey calls that Zimmer has run from the hospital, probably back to Jersey... and Tony witnesses Iron Monger (piloted by Stane himself) heading the same way!

While a stressed Pepper looks through the Iron Monger files for a weak point, Tony and Rhodey face down Stane. While their shields can withstand Stane's attacks, they can't hurt him much either. The designs are as flawless as the Iron Man armor itself, as they are copied from it... and Tony must think of a weakness in his own design. War Machine stalls Iron Monger while Tony looks for Zimmer and peptalks the dejected old man. Pepper finds a weakness - the Iron Monger gets outside computer support to operate all the complex systems. Zimmer works with microwave and radio transmitters, so Tony figures he can give him a hand with that... and he enters combat with Iron Monger again. He manages to stall him while Zimmer disables his uplink, and they disable the Iron Monger by simultaneously firing their uni-beams at its right leg.

Stane and Zimmer enter a settlement, allowing Zimmer to keep his old lab building if he does not press charges for the attack. In the seventh Makluan temple, Howard Stark is scribbling SOS notes on the wall. Gene returns with the seventh ring, again calling him foolish for thinking anyone can rescue him.

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