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Blizzard is stealing a large diamond, escaping by creating ice bridges he can ride along. Iron Man intervenes, but is distracted as the news is in - Hammer has succeeded the impossible and bought out Stark International. Tony is crushed, not even Roberta's French toast can cheer him up. Sasha arrives with the legal documents, canceling both Tony's inheritance and the trust fund that's been paying for his life. Realizing he soon won't be able to fund neither repairs nor building new Iron Man armors, the friends aim to expose Justin Hammer for his illegal activities to bring him down. Sasha and Justin bait Iron Man into investigating a shipment of theirs, but it's a trap with Whiplash and Killer Shrike. Titanium Man shows up as well, and Iron Man is outnumbered. Tony falls, and enters lock-down mode, at least preventing the gloating villains from taking his head. Rhodey arrives too late, and he and Pepper must attempt to track them down.

In his lab, Fix 2.0 attempts to extract the pilot from Iron Man, as Hammer hopes to learn the armor's secrets to improve his own. Unicorn, Killer Shrike, and Whiplash oversee the operation, and tension builds between them. The armor boots back online and Tony wakes up inside, giving Rhodey a bit of a signal to track. His heart implant running out of charge, Hammer and Fix begin to remove his armor, piece by piece, surprised that such a small person seems to be inside. Tony's helmet still zaps Hammer in defense, and War Machine arrives but falls into a cosmic ray trap designed to kill him without damaging the armor. War Machine breaks free by firing all his rockets at once. He frees Iron Man and battles the villains, while Pepper, using the stealth armor, recharges Tony's heart and saves him. They turn the tide of the battle, but Titanium Man arrives, stomping the Stealth Armor to pieces again - luckily Pepper was only remote-controlling it.

They hit Titanium Man with the cosmic ray guns, and he quickly collapses. In his fury, Iron Man wants to finish him off, but Rhodey stops him, saying he is only a hired thug and that they should take out Hammer the right way instead. Tony is proud of his friends and promises to build Pepper her own armor, with the money he'll make from creating his own company - he knows he's a better inventor than Hammer anyway. Pepper eagerly suggests they call the new company Circuits Maximus! But Tony suggests it be Stark Solutions.


Tony promises to build Pepper her own armor, but this doesn't happen until episode 24.


  • Circuits Maximus was a company created by mainstream continuity Tony Stark as he fought his way back into the business world after alcoholism destroyed his life.
  • At the beginning of the episode, Blizzard travels by creating "ice slides" to ride on which are almost identical to Iceman.
  • When Justin Hammer bombards War Machine with artificial cosmic waves, the possible effects he suggests (hardening like a statue, bursting into flames, melting into a puddle of goo, or vanishing into thin air) are clearly a nod to the Fantastic Four.

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