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Quote1.png Vibranium ability to absorb kinetic energy makes it virtually indestructible, that alone makes essential to project titanium! Quote2.png
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The Black Panther is strategically attacking Hammer facilities to get Wakandan vibranium back. Friction occurs between Tony and Pepper as Tony goes on a date with Whitney - he misses it as Iron Man bumps into a fight between the panther and Black Knight. Yet, as Pepper spots the Black Panther entering Stark International, she knows Tony will have to act. Confronting the Panther inside, the two heroes agree to help each other in order to track down the one smuggling vibranium out of Wakanda, selling it to Stane and Hammer. They track her to a warehouse, but as they have to fight the Black Knight and armed men the smuggler N'Kya hides. The Black Panther sniffs her out and confronts her.

Aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, Nick Fury explains they will keep Black Knight in their maximum security prison, the vault, but they have no means of pinning anything on Hammer or Stane. Tony is frustrated, and T'Challa too, he blaming S.H.I.E.L.D. for protecting their weapons sources.

In school the next day, Tony brings Whitney flowers to make it up to her, she kisses him and says they can start with lunch. But as Pepper and Happy decide to go out again, it is obvious Tony and Pepper aren't quite getting along now.


  • Whitney and Tony have a date to go to a Dazzler concert.
  • Pepper mentions Iron Fist.

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