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Synopsis for "Enter the Mandarin - Part Three (of Six)"

This issue opens with Iron Man and Happy Hogan battling the Scarecrow. Iron Man hits the Scarecrow with his repulsors, but the villain just shakes it off. Stark asks Scarecrow for the data he has stolen from the Stark Enterprises database. Scarecrow refuses and sends crows to attack Iron Man while he tries to get backup power rerouted. Iron Man is knocked through a window of the corporate headquarters and falls to the street far below.

The Mandarin goes to the Himalayas where he is informed by his men that their prisoner refuses to turn to violence. Despite all they have done, he seeks the path of inner peace. Mandarin walks into the prisoner's room, where it is revealed that the prisoner is Temugin, the Mandarin's son. Since he will not work for the Mandarin of his own free will, the Mandarin uses one of his rings to entrance Temugin into doing it.

Temugin gets a job working for Stark Enterprises at the lowest level, apparently a custodial position. When there is an explosion at nearby Stark Headquarters, the employees are sent to the bomb shelter. Iron Man is seen battling the Crimson Dynamo. As the fight becomes more dangerous, the employees are evacuated from the bomb shelter. Temugin uses this opportunity to run toward the battle. As Anton Vanko destroys the Crimson Dynamo at the cost of his own life, Temugin is injured as well.

After Vanko's funeral, Tony Stark is back in his office recharging the device in his chest keeping him alive. Temugin walks into the room holding a gun. The issue ends with him firing at Tony.


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Characters in this story also appear in other stories between this issue. The affected characters are:
Iron Man (Tony Stark)

Scarecrow (Ebenezer Laughton)

Happy Hogan

Prof. Anton Vanko

Crimson Dynamo (Boris Turgenov)

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