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Quote1.png Well. To answer your question Geoffrey: When you said the word "Gibborim" during our little meeting, that sounded rather mystic-y to me. So I thought I'd call a Master in the Art. And he felt we should call in the cavalry. Quote2.png
Iron Man

Appearing in "Industrial Revolution, Part 5: No Way Back"

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Synopsis for "Industrial Revolution, Part 5: No Way Back"

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"INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION" (Part 5 of 6) Before their children, the RUNAWAYS, became their greatest nemeses, the villainous PRIDE of Los Angeles faced their greatest threat when a destitute and penniless TONY STARK came to Los Angeles. Through cat's-paws both super powered and mundane they tried to break him, but every attempt failed. But now they've made a mistake by kidnapping the person closest to him and sacrificing her to their dark masters, THE GIBBORIM. Tony will do everything to get her back, including attacking The Pride on their own turf ... with some surprise guest-stars in tow!!!


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