Quote1.png You were hauled off to jail not fifteen minutes ago, Wilder. But I doubt you're staying there long. You let yourselves be defeated a tad too easily. I thought about what you said. And I decided you were right. So I'm going to give up all personal interest in Imperio Techworks. I'll leave the Los Angeles metropolitan area to join Iron Man and his friends outside the city limits. I will not tell my allies in the super hero community that I strongly suspect your Pride runs the law in southern California. And in exchange, you will leave the people of Imperio alone. Forever. If I learn you somuch as prevented a streetlight from going up there...I will call the Avengers. And the Fantastic Four. And the X-Men. And the Inhumans. And the Atlanteans. And anyone else I can think of. And I will not rest until I have annihilated you. Quote2.png
-- Tony Stark

Appearing in "Industrial Revolution, Part 6"

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Synopsis for "Industrial Revolution, Part 6"

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THE ILLUMINATI versus THE PRIDE as "INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION" reaches its senses-shattering conclusion!... 'NUFF SAID!


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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