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Alice Hayes
Look. I know we have to allow some costumed criminals to operate within our territory to keep up appearances...But do we have to keep around such incredibly lame ones? I mean, L.A. is the second biggest city in the country. Shouldn't we show a little local, I don't know...
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Catherine Wilder
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Janet Stein
Nice one, Catherine.
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Appearing in "Industrial Revolution, Part 2: Mother Necessity"

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Synopsis for "Industrial Revolution, Part 2: Mother Necessity"

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"INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION" continues! The now-destitute TONY STARK begins his climb back to the top of the financial heap by bringing hope to Los Angeles' impoverished Imperio neighborhood, but THE PRIDE, secret masters of LA, just as desperately want to keep the people in chains. So they've hired the SERPENT SOCIETY to kill Tony Stark at any cost, and it's a duel to the death between SIDEWINDER and his squad of snaked-themed super villains! SSSSSS!


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