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Quote1.png People are as good as their opportunities. I've been given a new opportunity. And I'm going to share it with Imperio. And we're going to lift ourselves up out of the darkness together. Quote2.png
Tony Stark

Appearing in "Industrial Revolution, Part 3: Jury-Rigged"

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Synopsis for "Industrial Revolution, Part 3: Jury-Rigged"

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Caught between the SERPENT SOCIETY on one side and THE PRIDE on the other in his attempts to remake the impoverished Imperio neighborhood in Los Angeles, TONY STARK makes the daring move to take his case directly to the people themselves—but can anything make them stand up against the super villain masters of L.A.? One thing might, when IRON MAN makes an appearance—except at the moment it's JIM RHODES under the golden mask, and he's not too thrilled with what Tony is doing! Find out why here!


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