Quote1.png You see...once we lure Stark here, dangling you as a carrot...and dispose of him...We will offer your life and soul, as we do a maiden from Imperio every year, to our masters. The Gibborim. You will die so the world can live. Quote2.png
-- Geoffrey Wilder

Appearing in "Industrial Revolution, Part 4: Bunker Mentality"

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Synopsis for "Industrial Revolution, Part 4: Bunker Mentality"

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The residents of Imperio storm and occupy the factory TONY STARK needs to remake his fortune and prepare for a lengthy siege -- but even with JIM RHODES as IRON MAN backing him up, can they withstand what THE PRIDE can throw at them -- everything from super powers to the bought-and-paid-for LAPD? Tony may have to call in some backup -- from his allies in THE ILLUMINATI!


  • This storyarc takes place around {{Expansion depth limit exceeded|comic| | }}.

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