Quote1.png Compassion can be useful, when properly manipulated. But not when it rules one's judgement. And that will ever be your weakness. Quote2.png
-- Doctor Doom

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Synopsis for "A Knight in Hell"

While disposing of an outdated suit of armor (the Mark VIII), Tony Stark finds an auto-save circuit which contains information about an adventure that he has no memory of. Analyzing the data, he discovers that this "lost adventure" involves a second battle against Latverian monarch Victor von Doom.

At some point in Tony's past, Doctor Doom approaches him demanding his assistance, citing that millions of lives hang in the balance. Not trusting Doom for an instant, he follows him back to Latveria only to find that Doom's castle is under siege by rebel forces. Doom intends on releasing a weapon that will destroy everyone, but Iron Man decides to intervene instead. He fights against the rebels, not in defense of Doom, but in order to save them from themselves. Once they are defeated, Doom does not need to release his weapons.

With that out of the way, Iron Man and Doom concentrate on more pressing matters. Doom tells him that he has reconfigured his time-cube so that it will take them to the realm of Mephisto. He provides remote transmitters which will enable them to return to Earth should the time cube be destroyed. Doom doesn't provide any further information regarding the mission and Tony grows increasingly frustrated.

They both journey to the depths of Hell and fight through a throng of the damned before reaching Mephisto's office. Mephisto gives Doom a metal shard and Doom suddenly disappears. Mephisto reveals that he made a bargain with Doom for him to deliver Iron Man into Hell. Tony tries to activate his remote transmitter but it doesn't work. He's stuck in Hell.



  • All four issues of this series include the word "Knight" as part of its title.

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