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Quote1.png So come forth, Avenger. It is time to put our lingering dispute... to an end! Quote2.png
Doctor Doom

Appearing in "Knight of the Living Dad"

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Synopsis for "Knight of the Living Dad"

Doctor Doom visits the imprisoned Morgan Le Fay. He reminds her of a former pact between the two in which Morgan failed to uphold her end of the bargain. Having recovered a shard of metal that was once part of the fabled Excalibur, he forces Morgan to conduct a ritual that only one with Pendragon blood in their veins can perform.

Meanwhile, Iron Man is stuck in Hell with legions of the damned attacking him. To complicate matters, a demon in the form of his late father Howard Stark emerges wearing his own brand of battle armor. Howard chases Iron Man and taunts him with what he believes are his many character flaws. Iron Man focuses past his personal father issues and succeeds in defeating the demon.

Elsewhere, Morgan performs a ritual over the shard of metal. It bonds with Doctor Doom's battlesuit, transforming it into a black enchanted suit of armor. Doom then returns Morgan to her native home where she is trapped inside of a dungeon in a castle.

Back in Hell, Iron Man manages to rewire the gauntlet from the faux Howard Stark's discarded armor and attaches it to the faulty remote transponder that Doom had left him. It activates Doom's time platform and Tony is able to leave Hell.

When he arrives back at Doom's castle in Latveria, he sees that Doctor Doom is now in possession of the reformed Excalibur.

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