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Iron Man

Appearing in "Knight Games"

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Synopsis for "Knight Games"

Iron Man vs Dr. Doom! While on the losing end of a battle with the Excalibur-empowered Doom, Tony runs. Doom aims to complete his power with the Excalibur scabbard (the sword makes you invincible, the scabbard makes you invulnerable). Tony, while recharging his armor, is approached by a mental hologram of Merlin who tells him that he is the chosen champion of King Arthur (having fought for Arthur in the past...literally!), and that he needs to get the scabbard before Doom. Iron Man arrives in a Stonehenge-like structure in Scotland to find the scabbard. Doom"s arrival with Excalibur unleashes a trap/trick to protect the scabbard. Doom & Iron Man fight each test together, and Iron Man ends up finding the real scabbard first. When he grabs it, it fuses with his armor. Doom is upset by this, as he needed the scabbard to defeat a monstrous creature, which is suddenly appears out of nowhere before them...

Solicit Synopsis

Through sorcery and subterfuge Dr. Doom has taken possession of Excalibur, the legendary blade that can cut through anything - including Iron Man! If Shellhead can't stop him from joining the sword with its enchanted scabbard, Doom will become invulnerable as well as invincible, and nothing will be able to prevent his hidden agenda. Don't miss this exciting tale of technology versus magic, which features the premiere appearance of Iron Man's surprising mystical armor, as well as a final page that is, quite literally, an eye-opener!

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