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Appearing in "Knightmare's End"

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  • Eyeball Monster

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Synopsis for "Knightmare's End"

Iron Man & Doom stare down a creature composed of thousands of eyeballs, trying to think of what to do. Doom attacks it with Excalibur, but accomplishes nothing. Iron Man attempts to use his magic suit, but lacks the experience in magic to use it properly. Doom, still upset over Iron Man's fusing with the sword's scabbard (Excalibur needs to be sheathed in the scabbard to be powerful enough to kill the creature), begins to explain to Iron Man why the monster hates him and is killing everyone in sight.

Trying to increase his knowledge and skill in sorcery, he "borrowed" a book from said creature; it wasn't pleased with this. In revenge, it swore to "take" all that Doom possessed (At one time he apparently became emperor of the world for a short time, and thus possessed everything on Earth). Doom sought Excalibur to stop the creature. Refusing to give up, Iron Man attempts to stop the creature again. Doom takes advantage of this "distraction" to attack it himself. They both fail.

Then Merlin appears, and tells them that the sword still needs to sheathed in the scabbard to win this fight, which would mean putting Excalibur in Iron Man, most likely killing him. Seeing the creature kill another innocent person, Tony makes his decision: risk his life in order to save everyone on earth. Doom impales Iron Man in the chest--merging the sword and scabbard. The creature then "dies". Turned back to their original forms, Tony's and Doom's memories of the event are erased by Merlin to keep either of them from using the sword for evil.

With his memory complete, Tony ponders the fact that Merlin didn't trust him, thinking he may turn evil or something. Tony then buys the patch of land where the Lady of the Lake is said to reside with Excalibur. He orders the contractor to build a mall over it with out draining it (effectively keeping it the way it is for decades, even hundreds or thousands of years). When the contractor brings this up, Tony replies: "I know. Let's just say I'm sending a an old friend." before walking away.

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