"The Origin of Iron Man" Part 1

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"The Origin of Iron Man" Part 1
Glen Hill

Quote1 With my gifts came responsibility. I must make a difference for the good, and pledge my work and my life to ensure the continuation of our democracy. Quote2
-- Anthony Stark (Earth-534834)

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  • Sky Saucer

Synopsis for "The Origin of Iron Man" Part 1

Iron Man inspects a volcanic eruption alert from an early warning tower. As Iron Man goes into the volcano, the Mandarin uses his rings to summon Fin Fang Foom with his rings. The dragon agrees to help the Mandarin destroy Iron Man as long he gives the dragon a favor. Modok sends the sub-magma robot to cut off Iron Man's and destroy his communication satellite.

As Iron Man flies to IRVING for repairs, Fin Fang Foom attacks him, knocking him down to an ice cave. The Mandarin calls on his minions to find Iron Man. Back in his cave, Tony works on wielding his Iron Man armor and turns on the memory module to recall memories from his teenage years. War Machine suspects something is wrong with Tony and changes to War Machine to find him.

Hypnotia searches for life-forms and finds the frozen remains of an ancient woolly mammoth in Stark's cave. Tony continues watching his memory module and where he recalls his first encounter with the Mandarin. The armor computer tells him that the welding process has caused the ice cave to become unstable and chunks of ice fall from the ceiling.


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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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