"The Wedding of Iron Man"

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"The Wedding of Iron Man"

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Synopsis for "The Wedding of Iron Man"

Tony Stark and Julia Carpenter get married in an unexpected wedding. During the wedding ceremony, Tony recalls the past nine days. In the flashback, he wonders how the Mandarin could locate him. Unknown to Tony and his team, MODOK has been eavesdropping on their conversation with an animatronic Raven. When the Raven tells them that Tony has been reviewing the tapes, the Mandarin destroys it and vows to find Iron Man's true identity.

Tony and his team find out about the Raven. The Mandarin looks closer at the battle tapes and deduces that Tony Stark is Iron Man. Back in the present, Tony and Julia finish the wedding ceremony and drive to their honeymoon. They notice the Mandarin's Sky Saucer trailing the car and tells Clinton Barton to prepare the Iron Man armor in case the Mandarin had deduced Iron Man's real identity.

The Mandarin makes the car to crash and apprehends Tony. Clint gives the Iron Man suit to a woman to save Tony, and to distract the Mandarin to let Iron Man's team defeat the Mandarin's forces. After that, Tony Stark takes off his Iron Man helmet and woman mask. He reveals that the Tony Stark that Julia married turns out to be a robot. On the television, a news reporter dismisses the wedding as a financial hoax.


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