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"The Origin of the Mandarin"

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"The Origin of the Mandarin"
Stan Lee

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  • Sky Saucer
  • Wildcatter

Synopsis for "The Origin of the Mandarin"

Justin Hammer joins the Mandarin and Modok as they fly near Stark's robot wildcatter that drills for oil. Modok disables it and reprograms its protocols while Whirlwind makes it seem that the sandstorm has interrupted its operation. Blizzard freezes the rig allowing Dreadknight to access its memory bank. Iron Man flies in to save the equipment by taking down the Mandarin's minions. The Mandarin uses his rings' powers to disappear before a missile destroys his ship.

Spider-Woman shows Iron Man a Black Box flight recorder that came from Sky Saucer. Tony works on deciphering the code, and finds that it is the Mandarin's electronic diary although the contents are heavily guarded. Iron Man, War Machine, and Hawkeye guard the remaining wildcatters while Century and Spider-Woman monitor the alarm channels.

Wanda unlocks the diary and they listen to the story of how a young man named Arnold Brock became the Mandarin. They become transfixed with the story and refuse to respond to Iron Man's calls. Whirlwind and Blizzard attack Iron Man's group by disabling their thrusters. At the end of the Mandarin's story, Hypnotia casts "delayed-action hypnotism" on the diary and tells Wanda, Spider-Woman, and Century to disarm the security so the Mandarin and his minions can come in.

The Mandarin goes to Iron Man's hall of armor while Dreadknight watches over the hypnotized super-heroes. The computer gives the Mandarin adamantium armor with nuclear capability. Iron Man flies in to free his teammates from Dreadknight's capture, and Spider-Woman ties up Hypnotia, Hammer, and Modok. The Mandarin faces Iron Man, but the Mandarin's armor refuses to fight Iron Man and starts attacking the Mandarin. After losing the armor, the Mandarin retreats.


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