Quote1 At last, I see his Achilles' heel. It is his obsessive need to always fight alone, to remain the lone wolf of his kind. Hmmm. How ironic that Iron Man wears armor around his body as well as around his heart. Iron Man, our time will come. For I have written it in the stars. Quote2
-- Mandarin

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Synopsis for "Empowered"

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MODOK discovers one of the Mandarin's rings.

The episode begins with the ending scene from "The Beast Within" where the Mandarin loses his rings. MODOK searches on a computer map for all the possible location of one of the Mandarin's rings. MODOK finds the ring in a bank and puts it on, showing MODOK how the Mandarin got the other rings. Iron Man shows up to the bank, but MODOK escapes and returns to his lair.

The Mandarin shows up to MODOK's lair and takes his ring back. As Iron Man searches for MODOK's base, the ring show the Mandarin the new types of armor and enemies Iron Man has gained. The Mandarin searches for Iron Man and War Machine's weakest links. He finds that Iron Man needs solar power and War Machine has trouble breathing. MODOK also shows the Mandarin when Iron Man betrayed Hawkeye, War Machine, and the rest of his team.


  • On the DVD, this episode is numbered right after "Hulk Buster".


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