"Hands of the Mandarin" (Part 2)

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"Hands of the Mandarin" (Part 2)
Yi-Chih Chen
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Su Yin (Earth-534834)
Dr. Su Yin
This Heart of Darkness, Tony. I don't know how you defeat it. But there is a time-honored Eastern martial arts principle: "To overcome your enemy, turn his own energy back on itself."
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Tony Stark
Catchy saying, but how?
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Su Yin (Earth-534834)
Dr. Su Yin
By using a time-honored Western principle: Improvise.
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Synopsis for "Hands of the Mandarin" (Part 2)

Force Works crash lands their jet near the Mandarin's base. He captures every member of the group except War Machine, who manages to slip away and sneak in through the sewage lines. MODOK ties the captured super-heroes near the Heart of Darkness to absorb their life force. James Rhodes cuts Tony Stark loose behind the Mandarin's back.

MODOK recaptures them, but decides to let them go when they offer him life support. Tony and James run into a group of mountain bandits and James fights them off using his War Machine armor. At Stark Enterprises, Dr. Su Yin helps Tony recover and tells James about a bioenergy microprocessor that would not be effective against the Mandarin's anti-technology field.

A fire stops Dr. Su Yin from fully activating the new armor, but the heat jump-starts the armor. Iron Man goes to the Heart of Darkness, where the Mandarin has now tied up members of his own team to absorb their life power. Iron Man fights the Mandarin and disconnects Hawkeye from the crystal by shorting out the power.

Iron Man attaches himself to the crystal's power and feeds back the Mandarin's attack to destroy the crystal. The power comes back on and Iron Man and the Mandarin fight, this time the Mandarin wears a suit of exo-armor. Iron Man pulls out the exo-armor's circuitry and leaves the Mandarin to the group of mountain bandits.


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