"Not Far from the Tree"

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"Not Far from the Tree"
Yi-Chih Chen

Quote1 Ten years ago, A.I.M. tried snatching your old man for some kind of mumbo jumbo mind-reading experiment. But the robots they rigged to nab him went ballistic, nearly offed him instead. Soon as I heard I sent in a team to baby-sit him, but we got there too late. This time A.I.M. did get him. Quote2
-- Nick Fury

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Synopsis for "Not Far from the Tree"

James Rhodes helps S.H.I.E.L.D. agents track down an A.I.M. transmission. They get a message from Tony's father Walter Stark, who had supposedly died ten years earlier. Iron Man goes in to find his father with the assistance of James Rhodes piloting a helicopter. Iron Man flies into the base and saves his father.

Back at Stark Industries, Tony question his father how he became an A.I.M. captive, but he does not remember. Tony looks over old footage of his father's hospital visits and finds SHIELD agents disguised as doctors. Walter seems to have developed a fear of Nick Fury, although he later claim he did not know what came over him at the time.

H.O.M.E.R. tells Walter and Tony that a SHIELD computer network report shows that Walter was swapped with a captured SHIELD agent ten years ago. Tony flies to SHIELD's base asks Nick Fury about his father. Agent Fury explains that AIM wanted to nab Walter for mind-reading experiment. SHIELD sent in forces to save Walter, but they were too late while reliable sources told Agent Fury that Walt had died at AIM headquarters. Agent Fury says the file Tony found was probably planted to make them enemies.

Rhodes calls Fury telling him that AIM has seized Stark Industries and everybody got out except Walter. Iron Man, James, and Agent Fury fight their way into the facility. Tony finds his father, but AIM agents capture Tony. Walter explains that he is actually a clone of Stark's father. Furthermore, the clone says he has siphoned Stark's knowledge into the Crimson Dynamo who battles Tony. Meanwhile, the Mandarin recovers another one of his rings.


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