"Beauty Knows No Pain"

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"Beauty Knows No Pain"
Yi-Chih Chen

Quote1 Love can only be earned with love. You used to know that. Fear is a bitter, empty substitute. Quote2
-- Tony Stark to Madame Masque.

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Synopsis for "Beauty Knows No Pain"

At the Rockson Refinery in Egypt, Julia Carpenter speaks with the company foreman about the Stark-designed tunnel-borers. When the cave starts collapsing, Julia saves some of the workers from falling debris. Later, Tony and James search for the missing workers from the cave-in. Tony takes an elevator down to a vast chamber where he finds Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Madame Masque and her Maggia minions ambush him and take him to another chamber. Madame Masque says she wants the Eye of Isis, which, according to legend, restores injuries, so Madame Masque can restore her face. She convinces Tony to help her find the Eye of Isis, manipulating Iron Man by torturing Julia.

Iron Man flies through the underground halls to get the Eye, dodging the traps laid out to stop thieves. When Iron Man takes the jewel from the statue, the tunnels caves in and Iron Man escapes using his drill suit. The tiara restores Madame Masque's face to its original beauty. War Machine and Spider-Woman storm the underground chamber to rescue Iron Man.

The tiara transforms Madame Masque into the goddess Isis. She flies out into the open air and starts destroying buildings to make room for her temple. She deflects everything Iron Man, War Machine, and Spider-Woman throw at her and pursues Tony as her lover. Tony tells her that "fear is a bitter, empty substitute" to love and takes the opportunity to destroy the tiara. Meanwhile, the Mandarin discovers another ring.


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