"The Armor Wars" Part 1

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"The Armor Wars" Part 1
Yi-Chih Chen

Quote1 As you know, my employee, Iron Man, has embarded on some kind of vendetta. He's refused to explain his behavior. He's treated his friends in a way that's inexcusable. And now I must report that Iron Man has fled. He's a fugitive from justice. Therefore, effective immediately, I'm terminating Iron Man's employment by Stark Enterprises. To put it simply, he's fired. Quote2
-- Tony Stark

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Synopsis for "The Armor Wars" Part 1

Soviet Union agents take over a Russian missile base and plan to nuke Moscow. The Russians call SHIELD for back-up and SHIELD calls Iron Man to deal with the Crimson Dynamo. Iron Man sends a heat-seaking missile after the Crimson Dynamo, who flies toward the nuke, causing a nuclear explosion before the missile can launch. Tony later watches a new report, saying much of the blame for the explosion is on Iron Man.

Nick Fury gives Tony the remaining parts of Crimson Dynamo's suit for examination. Julia and James prepare to tell Tony that the United Nations voted to condemn Iron Man, but decide against it when they find him in a bad mood. When they leave, Tony tells HOMER that Crimson Dynamo's suit are his own designs. HOMER tests Negator Packs that disable Stark's stolen technology to use on every known armored warrior.

Iron Man visits the Controller in his personal spa, the Beetle at the Museum of Modern Art, Stilt-Man, and Blizzard and Blacklash, giving them all his Negator Packs. Meanwhile, Justin Hammer says everything is going exactly as he planned. He gives the Ghost some credit, but says it was his idea to sell Iron Man's secrets to his enemies. He says he hopes Iron Man's actions will cause him to be neutralized.

Iron Man breaks into a high security prison for super-villains and attaches packs to the federal employees, the Mandroids, after Hawkeye tries to stop him. In Stark Industries, Nick Fury busts into the building to ask Tony to shut down Iron Man before he becomes a public menace. Tony soon gives an announcement at a press conference saying that he is terminating Iron Man's employment in Stark Enterprises because of his questionable actions.


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