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Synopsis for "Viva Las Vegas"

Elsa Bloodstone comes to Las Vegas to meet with Tony Stark. She fears that she might inadvertently be responsible for the recent plague of lizards and wants Stark to find out the identity of the man or woman who hired her. Stark is frustrated at disrupting his vacation but agrees to help Elsa. She tells him of the Golden Dragon artifact which she recovered in China and is scheduled to be unveiled at the grand opening of the Golden Dragon Casino. Tony makes arrangements to attend the grand opening. Naturally, he insists that Elsa accompany him as his date.

At the gala festival, Elsa uses Tony's Stark 1000 camera to zoom in on the glyphs at the foot of the artifact. Elsa translates the inscription as "He whose limbs shatter mountains and whose back scrapes the sun". Upon hearing the words, Tony now realizes exactly what they are dealing with now.

The dragon statue suddenly grows and comes to life, spreading its wings as it climbs off the pedestal. This is Fin Fang Foom! As guests begin to scramble in a panic, Tony retrieves his Iron Man armor from his briefcase. He has fought this creature once before. Changing into his battlesuit, he flies across the Las Vegas strip where he sees Fin Fang Foom wreaking havoc. The battle is about to begin.


  • First appearance of the Stark 1000 digital camera.

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