When the Magus, the dark personality of Adam Warlock, sought to conquer the universe, he first paid a visit to Anthropomorpho in the Dimension of Manifestation to create dopplegangers of Earth's every super-heroes. [1]

One such doppleganger was based off the Avenger known as Iron Man. The duplicate attacked Stark while he was away from his fellow Avenges and bested him in battle. The doppleganger then merged with Stark, taking control of his body. [2][3] When a doppelganger of Mister Fantastic took the place of his originator, he followed through on a plan to lure many of Earth's heroes into one location, including members of the East and West Coast branches of the Avengers, the X-Men, X-Factor, Alpha Flight, the New Warriors as well as the Hulk and Daredevil together to discuss the crisis. The evil Iron Man tried to assist giving his comrade some credibility. However when both Daredevil and Wolverine outed both Mr. Fantastic and Iron Man as impostors. As a battle broke out between the heroes, the evil Reed finished activated a gamma bomb to try and destroy them all. [4][5][6]

The heroes were rescued thanks to the quick thinking of the Invisible Woman and Thor who were able to deflect the blast into space saving all their lives. The impostors of Reed and Iron Man were rescued by the Magus. [7][8][9] Later, Sue and other heroes rescued Reed and others who were replaced by impostors. [10] The ultimate fate of the Iron Man doppleganger is unknown, but it presumably ceased to exist when the Magus was defeated.


Seemingly those of Anthony Stark of Earth-616.

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