After having his armor destroyed in a nuclear explosion, Jim Rhodes was called by Tony Stark in order to give him an entirely new set of armor, one that is leaner.


  • Repulsors
  • Chameleon Mode: Includes invisibility, camouflage, and holographic projection. Unlike earlier versions this suit does not cause severe synapse problems.
  • Ghost-Tech: Multi-dimensional bridge teleportation allows the armor to phase through solid objects.
  • Scanner Invisibility: Complete undetectability by sensory arrays, including targeting programs.
  • Combat Mode: Allows the wearer to "Hulk out" with various extendable weapons and multiple types of ammunition much like previous models.
  • EMP projector
  • Sleep Gas- "urban pacification compound" developed by SHIELD.

Some of the limitations are that all these add-ons put a severe strain on the repulsor tech. The armor cannot be invisible and intangible at the same time. Despite its improvement the Chameleon Mode can still cause disorientation.

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