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Quote1.png When I was a kid, I didn't share the toys very well. Had a bad incident with some lincoln logs -- point is I've been holding back on you. You deserve better. Quote2.png
Tony Stark

Appearing in "Palmer Addley Is Dead, Part Three"

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Synopsis for "Palmer Addley Is Dead, Part Three"

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Solicit Synopsis

Spinning out of INVINCIBLE IRON MAN! Guest-starring Iron Man! Tony Stark and James Rhodes create the all-new War Machine suit! Rhodey’s new mission already nearly killed him. A deadly new super villain poses a threat War Machine can’t fight...and to stay alive, he’ll have to evolve into something greater than War Machine. Unconventional combat calls for a different set of weapons...and Rhodey will have to become the one-man army of the future – Iron Man 2.0!

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