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In response to the increasing oppression robots and other kinds of artificial life forms endured from the government, Machine Man started rallying the robotic population to fight for their rights. Concurrently, Tony Stark came to terms with the discovery that he was an artificial life form himself; his current body having been artificially grown and his brain loaded with a digital backup of his mind. Tony's brother Arno Stark used this admission to delegitimize him. He seized control of all Tony's assets, including his company Stark Unlimited and the Iron Man name.[1]

Believing in the arrival of an inminent Extinction Entity whose intent is to assimilate all A.I.s in the world to then destroy all organic life, Arno and his partner Sunset Bain become the premier forces of A.I. oppression. Having come to terms with his nature as an artificial construct, Tony joins the A.I. Army. He becomes the leader of the rebellion, renouncing his previous identity and calling himself Mark One.[2] In the side of the fight against robots, Maria Hill reassembled Force Works as a task force led by War Machine to combat A.I.-related terrorism.[3]

The A.I. Army continues its efforts to liberate their brethren using Un-Inhibitors, devices capable of overriding any form of control over a robot's free will. During a confrontation against the A.I. Army, Arno takes hold of an Un-Inhibitor and reverse-engineers it to create an "submission code" capable of making any robot compliant to humans if their operative system is infected with it. The A.I. Army learns of its creation through their informant, Ghost in the Machine, and Mark One leads an assault on Bain Tower to stop a global broadcast of the submission code. The transmission turns out to double as a bait set up by Arno to draw out Mark One. During the attack on Bain Tower, the A.I. Army's forces are overpowered, and Machine Man is lured away by Jocasta, his girlfriend who had fallen victim to the submission code.[4] Jocasta lures Machine Man to a Baintronics factory where he is confronted by his rebuilt X-Model predecessors.[5]

Arno defeats Mark One and attempts to reason with him to stop the rebellion, revealing that he only intends to use the submission code as the path of least resistance to unite humanity with robotkind against the Extinction Entity. Mark One dismisses Arno's standpoint and uses a robot march rallied by Machinesmith that had just arrived outside Bain Tower as a distraction to slip away and fly towards Bain Tower's transmission dish. He manages to stop the broadcast and disable the antenna, but Arno kills him in retaliation.[6]

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  • This event was first teased in the Marvel 2019 Marvel Previews issue released on December 26, 2018 with a cryptic teaser that announced the year 2020 was approaching.[7] The event was finally announced on October 4, 2019 during Marvel's Next Big Thing panel at New York Comic Con.[8]
  • In the original checklist released for Iron Man 2020, the tie-in 2020 iWolverine was titled Weapon.EXE 2020.[9]


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