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Arno used the Iron Man armor for his mercenary work.


Weaponry included repulsors, a 'multi-phase' uni-beam, finger lasers, a controllable 'Flying Star Blade', 'flicker' blades, a tractor beam and an extending handgun. Arno Stark's armor was upgraded to fire "ultra" pulse bolts.

Defensively the armor possessed neutralizer screens, programmed defenses such as Emergency Defense Condition "D", and an improved refractory coating capable of withstanding EMPs.

Tractor clamps were used to magnetize objects. However they were still experimental, as one terrorist found out the hard way.

The armor could operate underwater, underground, and in space. It retained the classic "jet skates."

A Mobius loop was used to contain a dangerous computer virus at the cost of the individual armor having to be scrapped.

Alternate Realities

Image Description Issue
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On Earth-616, Tony Stark's adoptive brother Arno created his own version of the Iron Man armor when he embraced the identity after deposing Tony from his company. It is based on the Godbuster Armor, a suit with unprecedented destructive power that Tony had destroyed, having deemed it too dangerous.
Tony Stark: Iron Man #19
Arno Stark (Earth-12041) Marvel's Avengers Assemble Season 4 14.png On Earth-12041, the armor was worn by the Arno Stark version that is a future descendant of the Stark lineage. This was Arno's go to armor during his time foiling many of Kang's conquest. Marvel's Avengers Assemble S4E14
(December 3, 2017)

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