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Synopsis for "Power Tools"

While the Thunderbolts are in the midst of saving construction workers in Denver from a fire, Nefarius prepares to attack his old enemy Moonstone, but suddenly an unseen figure attacks Nefarius from behind draining his power, killing him. Agent Carlisle meets with Tony to discuss the recent deaths of Charlie Grey and Nefarius, plus a disturbance at the graveside of Rafe Michel. Each man wielded Ionic energy so Tony checks with Project Pegasus' Dr. Rivera for more data; Rivera observes that Wonder Man, Therak and Atlas are the only other known living ionic people, while Lucifer and Count Nefaria are dead. Later, Iron Man contacts Hawkeye to warn Atlas he may be a target. Wonder Man overhears and tells Iron Man about his old friends in the Crazy Eight briefly gained powers from him; Iron Man goes to Hollywood and warns them. When Dr. Rivera alerts Iron Man to the grave of Aries, another deceased ionic wielder, Iron Man arrives to find the grave already disturbed. Suddenly, the Death Squad, Nitro and Whiplash ambush Iron Man. Nitro now wears a defensive scrambler to keep Iron Man from remotely activating his powers as before, but Iron Man shoots it, then sets Nitro off, using him against his own side, who swiftly retreat. Although agent Carlisle arrives to aid Iron Man, Whiplash and the Death Squad escape. Iron Man chases the squad to a castle in Sicily, where he finds Vittorio Silvani, still vengeful over his earlier defeat; but the true power behind the squad and the ionic power drains, is Count Nefaria. Nefaria now exists as an ionic vampire and has used Silvani to help collect equipment and victims to keep him alive. Nefaria engages in a brutal fight with Iron Man, but when he tries to bury him beneath a giant slab of rock, Iron Man shoots him with repulsers, causing him to drop the rock and bury himself; after getting out of the debris, Nefaria is too weak to keep fighting and Carlisle takes him into S.H.I.E.L.D. custody. Later, Tony goes on a date with Carlisle, but senses that she is an adrenaline junkie and won't work out long-term. Carlisle tells him that Nefaria was claimed by the Sicilians and granted immunity. Back in his castle, Nefaria has Therak strung up as his new permanent victim and power source.

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  • There's a vampire sucking the ionic energy out of his victims, and a pile of bodies is leading IRON MAN towards his doom!

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