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Quote1.png I'm not Power Man anymore. I'm Goliath. And where Goliath walks -- he walks alone! Quote2.png

Appearing in "When Giants Walk the Earth!"

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Synopsis for "When Giants Walk the Earth!"

Jim Rhodes spends some time with his new teammates the West Coast Avengers. He is bothered however by the fact that his colleagues think that he is the original Iron Man. After helping to install a heavy scanner, Iron Man flies back to Circuits Maximus. He gets into an argument with Tony Stark, then flies off to rescue some workers from an oil rig platform that is collapsing into the ocean.

Elsewhere, down-and-out small-time criminal Erik Josten seeks out the Power Broker, Karl Malus. He wants Malus to give him better super-powers so he can make it in the big leagues. In exchange for his services, Josten agrees to work as Malus' hired muscle. Malus performs the experiment, transforming Josten into the size-changing Goliath. Josten reneges on his vow however, and destroys the laboratory.

Goliath then begins terrorizing the streets of Los Angeles. Iron Man arrives and begins fighting him, but he underestimates Josten's newfound powers. He laughs at Iron Man's feeble attempts to bring him down with repulsor blasts, and hurls him far away from the city. Frustrated, Iron Man returns to the West Coast Avengers compound to marshal a new strategy.

The West Coat Avengers want to help him tackle Goliath, but Iron Man wants to go it alone. They convince him to let them help out, and they fly out to face Goliath once again. The Avengers use sound bound strategies and teamwork to keep Goliath off his feet. Iron Man amplifies the ultrasonics in his armor and eventually defeats Goliath. Unconscious, Goliath reduces in size to a mere twenty-feet tall (which is still several times larger than his normal size).



  • This issue contains a letters page "Printed Circuits". This contains a Special Announcement Section from editor Mark Gruenwald who details previous appearances of Erik Josten.

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