About 5 months after the V1 armor was created, Stark created the V2 armor. This contained several enhancements over the V1 armor, which just had repulsors. V2 works on minute skin responses (the Sub-dermal control interface), making it a lot faster to react than the V1, as well as a enhanced and more flexible armor. It's first outing was when AIM were attacking the Federal Reserve Bank in New York, where Stark, wearing the armor, introduced himself as the director of Stark International's corporate security and industrial counterespionage.[1]

Iron Man Armor (Earth-20051) from Marvel Adventures Iron Man Vol 1 1 0001

Version 1 armor


  • Magnetic repulsors
  • Unibeam
  • Energy sabre
  • Cloaking/Camouflage
  • Taser
  • Polybond capture foam
  • Probes
  • Boot turbines

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