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The third and most powerful of the original suits was designed and created by Tony Stark after he discovered both the Mark II's icing flaw as well as a short in its power source. It was first used when Stark decided to eliminate a terrorist cell: his former captors, the Ten Rings. This armor was stored in Stark's Iron Man armor display after a new suit was created when MK III was heavily damaged in a battle against the Iron Monger.[1]

The armor was destroyed, along with the original Hall of Armor, when Stark's Malibu Mansion was attacked by A.I.M..[2]


Like every previous Iron Man Armor, this suit is powered by a miniaturized arc reactor. It features even more articulation and sleekness of design than the Mark II armor, as well as a gold-titanium alloy shell (the same used in a Stark Industries satellite named 'Seraphim' to improve out-of-atmosphere reliability) and an upgraded power generation unit.

It makes the wearer extraordinarily strong, and provides resistance to damage from even tank shells and rockets. The suit is equipped with two palm repulsors used for flight control, melee and long distance weapons, along with an array of missiles and a targeting system run by J.A.R.V.I.S.; a Heads-Up Display, also run by J.A.R.V.I.S., includes the A.I.'s monitoring capabilities and observational protocol, a Global Positioning System, target scanning, and displays for navigation, power level, and vital signs.[1]


  • This armor was designed by Marvel Comics artist Adi Granov[3] (known for illustrating Iron Man: Extremis) and Phil Saunders.[4] Miles Steve sculpted the final life-sized 3D version the armor.[5]


  • The red and gold color combination was inspired by Tony Stark's love for hot rods.
  • J.A.R.V.I.S.'s original color scheme of MK III perfectly matched MK XXI.[1]
  • This armor is concept designer Adi Granov's favorite Iron Man Armor from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.[6]

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