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This is the very first Iron Man suit ever built. In a life changing moment, Tony Stark was attacked and captured by the Ten Rings. While being held captive, he was forced to build a weapon of mass destruction for them, the Jericho Missile. With the help of Ho Yinsen, Tony built the Iron Man instead and used it to fly out of the Ten Ring's base; unfortunately, the suit came apart upon crash-landing. Tony left the pieces behind as he made his way back to civilization. He stored data on this suit in his private network while he worked on a new design back home in the United States.

However, the Ten Rings salvaged the Mark I pieces. Their leader, Raza, determined that with a dozen of these "iron soldiers" he could rule all of Asia. He contacted his collaborator, Obadiah Stane, to ask for mass production of that armor; Stane instead paralyzed Raza, killed his men, and then took the Mark I armor to be reverse-engineered into a more powerful suit, the Iron Monger armor. The Mark I was stored under Sector 16 of Stark Industries Main Plant, where the arc reactor was located.

When Pepper Potts brought a small number of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to arrest Obadiah, they found the Mark I, which they presumed to be the armor that Stane was creating.[1]

The Mark I armor was later collected by Tony Stark and was kept in his home along with other armors.[2]

The armor was destroyed along with the original Hall of Armor when Stark's Malibu Mansion was attacked by A.I.M..[3]


The Mark I is powered by the first miniaturized version of the arc reactor, which grants its user extended durability and limited protection against gunfire.

The MK I's main weaponry is composed of missiles and a flamethrower, and also gives the user augmented strength. The suit can also fly for a limited time using rudimentary rocket thrusters.[1]

Alternate Reality Versions[]

Image Description Issue
Anthony Stark (Earth-91119) from Marvel Super Hero Squad Online 007
Quote1 Well there's a blast from the past! I still can't believe that worked. Quote2
Iron Man[src]
In Earth-91119, When Iron Man first had to make a quick escape, he made this armor out of anything he could get his hands on - and it worked.[4]
Marvel Super Hero Squad Online


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